Turtle Wax Power Out Car Interior Cleaner & Protector 400ml 52736 – Carpet & Floor Cleaner with Odor-X Technology for Deep Cleaning and Deodorizing, Integrated Scrub Brush, Safe for All Fabrics

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Product Description

Turtle Wax Trusted Innovation.  Inside & Out.Turtle Wax Trusted Innovation.  Inside & Out.

Turtle Wax Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner with Odor-X Technology deep cleans, deodorizes and protects upholstery from coffee, juice, grease, food, oil, mud and dirt.

A thick, powerful foam gently lifts tough soils and stains, leaving an invisible shield to protect against any future stains and dirt. Integral brush cap bristles are optimized for robust upholstery cleaning, catch lint and pet hair, lifting out the dirt without snagging upholstery fibres​.

The exclusive Odor –X technology encapsulates and neutralizes stale odors for up to 30 days, leaving behind a fresh scent to give your whole interior that just cleaned sensation. It is safe and effective on all interior automotive cloth materials.

The fast-drying formula leaves seats soft and dry, allowing you to use the car straight after cleaning.

Upholstery, stain removerUpholstery, stain remover

Turtle WaxTurtle Wax ABOUT TURTLE WAX

The Turtle Wax story started with the launch of the first-ever bottled car wax in 1944.

Nearly 75 years later, the Most Innovative Brand in Car Care is still capturing the attention of the auto appearance category as the No.1 selling brand in spray wax, car wash, carpet & fabric care, and more.

For an inside look at the brand’s breakthrough product development process or how Turtle Wax supports car culture worldwide, visit YouTube.com/TurtleWax.



Powerful foam lifts set-in stains, including coffee, juice, grease, food, oil, mud and dirt. Odor-X technology eliminates odors for up to 30 days. Fast-drying formula leaves seats soft without any dampness. Leaves a protective barrier to repel future spills & stains. Semi-flexible brush bristles reach deep into carpet fibres and rubber mat crevices where wipes can’t, allowing robust cleaning without snagging.


Upholstery, Stain RemoverUpholstery, Stain Remover

Upholstery, Stain RemoverUpholstery, Stain Remover

Upholstery, Stain RemoverUpholstery, Stain Remover

Upholstery, Stain RemovalUpholstery, Stain Removal

Step 1

Vacuum any loose dirt or debris from all the areas intended to be treated.

Step 2

Shake the can well and spray evenly onto upholstery.

Step 3

Rub the foam into the fibres using integral brush until the foam disappears.

Step 4

Wipe away any residual foam with a clean microfibre cloth.

Upholstery, Stain RemovalUpholstery, Stain Removal


For tough stains and spot removal:

1. Allow up to a minute for the formula to dwell on stained areas before agitation with the integral brush.

2. Repeat application as needed to resolve set-in stains.

Test first on an inconspicuous area, if adversely affected, refrain from use.

Odor-X Technology: This car interior cleaner features Odor-X Technology that permanently eliminates odours and continues to deodorize for up to 30 days
Integrated scrub brush: The integrated scrub brush of this car cleaner ensures deep cleaning into the fabrics and fibres, leaving your car looking and smelling fresh
Deep Cleans: This all-purpose cleaner deeply cleans all surfaces, leaving them looking new and fresh. It is perfect for DIY car enthusiasts, weekend cleaners, and professional detailers
How To Use – Vacuum any loose soils from the surface and spray with the foam and use the scrub brush to massage it into the surface until the foam disappears

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