The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal. 13-Week Program. NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED. Fitness Planner / Workout Book that tells you exactly what to do and how to track progress. Provides completely guided workouts, # of sets to do for each exercise, # reps to aim for, and provides a place to track all your progress. Workout Journal for Women & Men. Workout Planner for Women. Workout Log Book / Fitness Journal / Workout Notebook. (Spiral Bound)

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Habit Nest’s Bodyweight Home Workout Journal, the ultimate fitness planner, is literally a personal trainer in a book. It’s a home workout journal that requires ZERO EQUIPMENT. The Bodyweight Home Workout Journal is meant to help you sculpt your body without a single piece of equipment. It teaches you everything you need to know about the fitness transformation you’re about to embark on. The workout log book takes 13 weeks of complete, guided workouts you’ll use to make outrageously quick progress. This is NOT only for men, it’s also a workout journal for women! To get real results from strength training you need: – To understand the different parts of the body that need to be developed for an overall great physique. -To push your limit constantly – keep the intensity level high, and always increasing. -To have a plan/program that is well-rounded and tailored to your goals. -To eat in a way that maximizes your progress. -To fall in love with the process. We created Dumbbell Home Workout Journal because we recognized the need for more home workout guides! It’s designed to tackle every important aspect of effective strength training so that the only thing you need to do is commit to completing every day’s workout! Each day’s workouts are designed to target every different part of the muscles being worked so that your muscle development is well-rounded. There are 66 workouts in the workout planner/fitness planner. Each day’s workout consists of two different muscle groups. You’ll do four workouts per muscle, and 3-4 sets per workout. The number of reps you’ll be aiming for in each set is also laid out, so you have a direct goal. Your only job is to complete the workout and track the reps you actually complete in each set to track your progress. The Pyramid workout scheme is designed to keep the workouts intense throughout the entire journal.
The journal creatively teaches you how to use your own bodyweight with simple items like t-shirts, towels, and doorways to get an amazing workout every day.
Each workout is broken into two primary muscle groups. The workout notebook has 4 exercises per muscle group to record in your fitness log.
Built for lifters of all levels. Each workout takes 45+ minutes. The #1 fitness journal / workout journal for women & men! The workout log book has a clear number of sets and reps to aim for 🔥 pyramid style workouts! This workout book is for lifters of all levels, including beginners to experts.
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