Supagard Bird Poo Remover For Cars Easily And Effective Car Care Bird & Bug Remover 500ml

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Turn spray nozzle to the spray position.


Spray mousse onto the bird lime deposit and leave for one minute.


Wipe off with a clean cloth.


Repeat process if necessary.


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Brace Yourselves Bird Poop Is Coming

Smaller-sized birds can poop about 100 times a day,

medium-sized birds poop about 48 times a day,

and larger-sized birds can poop about 24 times a day.

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Fight all bug and bird droppings stains and old dirt marks with this powerful stain fighting formula.

A combination of surfactants which neutralise the acid in bird lime. The soapy mousse will re-hydrate the deposit, creating a solution that can be easily wiped off the paintwork.


1 x 500ml Bird & Bug Remover

1 x Microfibre Cloth*

Supagard Bird and Bug Remover has been found to be highly effective at removing bird and bug residue. The product contains a unique blend of cleaning agents that work together to break down and dissolve stubborn residue, making it easier to wipe away

The product is designed to work effectively and efficiently, which means that only a small amount of the solution is needed for each application. This can help to extend the life of the product and make it more durable.

The product is designed to be safe for use on all surfaces, including paint, plastic, and glass, which means that it can be used to clean a wide range of vehicles and surfaces.

The product is formulated to be gentle and non-abrasive, which means that it will not scratch or damage surfaces during use.

Ease of use
Overall, Supagard Bird and Bug Remover promptly after droppings or splatters occur can prevent damage to the paintwork, reduce the need for more costly cleaning methods, and make residue removal quick and easy without excessive rubbing or scrubbing.


Bird Lime Protection: This bird mess remover effectively prevents bird lime etching and damage to your car’s paintwork, ensuring long-lasting protection.
Effective Bug and Insect Removal: This product serves as an effective bug and insect remover, effortlessly removing stubborn stains and debris from your car’s surface.
Re-Hydrating Soapy Mousse: The soapy mousse re-hydrates bird droppings, creating a solution that can be easily wiped off the paintwork.
Powerful Stain Fighting Formula: Fight bird and bug droppings stains and old dirt marks with this powerful formula designed to tackle tough stains.
Easy and Effective Trigger Spray: The trigger spray allows for easy and precise spot cleaning, ensuring no unnecessary mess.

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