Peebol by SHEWEE – The Pocket-Sized Toilet – Rapidly Turns 1L of Urine into an Odourless & Solid Gel. Made in the UK, Disposable Urinal Bag for Everyone. Festival, Camping, Car & Travelling Essentials

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Peebol was designed by Samantha Fountain, inventor of the Shewee in 1999. But don’t be fooled, the Peebol (unlike the Shewee), is made for men, women and children. The Peebol is a ‘pocket sized toilet’ that folds completely flat to fit into your pocket, wallet or purse. It is filled with rapidly absorbing granules, you simply unroll the Peebol bag, have a wee, and wait 60 seconds. Your wee has now transformed into a solid, non odour, and non spill gel. The disposable urine bags, will hold up to 1 litre, and can be reused until full. Once done, Dispose of the Peebol in the next convenient bin. The bag, cardboard topper and packaging are recyclable. Please check with your local authority if they recycle LDPE 4 before putting it in your recycling bin/bag. The Peebol is a portable pee bag perfect for camping, travelling, festivals, traffic jams, contractors, walking and hiking, skiing, dirty public toilets and portaloos, post surgery, sports injuries, pregnancy and postpartum, armed forces, sailing, kayaking, canoeing and fishing, mobility impaired, police officers, firefighters, emergency workers, contractors, car journeys, road trips and traffic jams, the list is endless… Available in packs of 1, 3, 6 and 8.
⏱️ RAPID ⏱️ – Turns urine into a solid gel in under 60 seconds. When you need to pee, simply unroll the Peebol bag, pop open the top gripper, and wee. The Peebol is made in the UK, and sold to the world.
💧 NON-ODOUR & NON-SPILL 💧 – No nasty smells or leaks to worry about. Avoid filthy public toilets, festival portaloos, and those middle of the night toilet dashes whilst camping.
🚽 UNISEX 🚽 – Can be used by anybody, of any age! Made by Shewee who created the original female urination device. Use Peebol with, or without your pee funnel. Gives independence back to eldery, or disabled people with mobility issues, and provides peace of mind for pregnant women, when there are no toilet facilities. The perfect solution for delivery, bus and train drivers.
♻️ COMPOSTABLE, FLUSHABLE & RECYCLABLE ♻️ – Safely Dispose of the contents by either composting, flushing down a toilet, or in general household waste. The bag, cardboard topper, and packaging are recyclable under category LDPE 4.
🌊 LARGE CAPACITY 🌊 – Will hold up 1 Litre of pee, vomit or other liquids. Reuse your Peebol until it’s full. Ideal for keeping in your rucksack whilst hiking, glove box for traffic jams, and your wallet or purse for emergencies!
👜 COMPACT 👜 – Fits into your purse/wallet, each Peebol weighs 28g, and measures just 16 x 6.5 x 1cm when folded, and 25 x 16 x 0.5 when open, small enough to even fit in your back pocket!

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