Novalinea Large Double Shelf Recessed Shower Niche, Ready to Tile, 25″ x 17″ x 3.75″

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Shower niches add a very functional element to any shower enclosure. A neat way to store all your toiletries, and when done right, a beautiful look to your bathroom.

Our ready to tile niches make to easier than ever to build the shower of your dreams. They save time and money compared to the traditional method of framing an enclosure, and are inherently leak-proof.

Flush Versus Over mountFlush Versus Over mount

Pick the mounting style that works best for you..

Over-Mount Style: Overlaps the backer-board by around 1.5″ on every side, and provides more flexibility on your cutout. The flange does contribute some thickness, and needs to be feathered out with thin-set.

Flush Mount Style: Wall cutout has to be more precise, however there is no need to “feather out” the edges for a smooth transition. Silicone caulk is used to seal between the niche and backer-board edge. A narrower flange allows closer placement to the corners.

Flush Mount Niches





16″ x 14″ Single Shelf

Ideal for smaller spaces. Multiples can be used side by side if desired.

16″ x 20″ Single Shelf

Create a large single niche, of add a glass or stone shelf.

16″ x 20″ Double Shelf

Provides two compartments, with an ideal size ratio for most tastes.

Installs Flush

A 1/2″ edge provides a flat and uniform surface for easier tiling.

Over-Mount Niches

17" x 25" Single Large Niche17" x 25" Single Large Niche

25" x 17" Double25" x 17" Double

16" x 16" Single Niche16" x 16" Single Niche

Black NicheBlack Niche

25″ x 17″ or 16″ x 28″ Single Shelf

Add glass or stone shelf dividers, or use it as a single large niche.

25″ x 17″ oe 16″ x 28″ Double Shelf

Provides two openings, large enough to accommodate all your shower products.

16″ x 16″ Single Shelf

Ideal for use in smaller areas, or in addition to a larger niche.

Easy as 1,2,3

A thin flange overlapping the backer-board, makes it easy to adjust the final position. Even with a slightly imprecise opening.

Beautiful Shower NicheBeautiful Shower Niche

Simple, Convenient, Elegant

No matter which style you choose, the end result is leak free, functional and beautiful.

✅ELEGANTLY SIMPLE STORAGE: Our Bathroom Shower Shelves provide an ideal solution to an age old problem. By storing and organizing all your toiletries and keeping your shower floor clear of clutter, your bathroom is transformed into a more relaxing place. Being recessed into the walls means that no valuable space is being taken up.
✅ 100% WATERPROOF READY TO TILE: Made from a single piece of ABS plastic, there are no weak points where water can penetrate, unlike a Shower niche framed from pieces of backerboard. The ledges of the niche also have a slight slope for water runoff. This tough and impervious material also provides an excellent surface for tile adherence with modified thinset.
✅MODERN AND FUNCTIONAL: Not only perfect for storing all your shower needs but the end result looks awesome too, adding value to your home. It’s certainly a better solution than baskets hanging off your shower head, or metal shelves that must be attached to the walls with suction cups or anchor bolts, that are prone to rust and staining.
✅SAVES MONEY, TIME AND LABOR: Paying a contractor to frame a custom niche, making sure that everything is square, the ledges have a sufficient slope for water runoff, and the entire thing is waterproof will certainly cost a lot more than buying our prefabricated shower niche, cutting out an opening in the backerboard and simply installing it between the wall studs.
✅EASY TO INSTALL: Order now and get your project started. Although tiling a shower niche can be a challenging project for the novice, using a prefabricated shower niche makes it a lot easier than creating a niche using pieces of backerboard.

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