No1 Car Polish Wax – 10 min to Apply Lasts 12 months Super Gloss Shine Patented Hydrophobic Armour Sealant – 600ml

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Product Description

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Product DetailsProduct Details CarPlan – Established 1954

CarPlan offers everything needed to clean, valet and care for your car, inside and out. CarPlan has been manufacturing first class car care products since the 1960’s. Due to our experience, heritage and market research we continually update and develop our car care products to meet changing customer and car enthusiast needs across the word.

CarPlan No1 Super Gloss Patented Hydrophobic Sealant 600ml

No 1 Super Gloss nanomeric shield protects for up to 12 months with just one treatment. The large 600ml bottle treats up to 9 cars.

No1 Super Gloss hydrophobic, water dance formula instantly repels dirt and water by sealing the microscopic cavities on the surface. Dust and dirt simply cannot stick.

Patented nanomeric shield No hard rubbing or polishing Easy to apply ONLY takes 10 minutes Locks in the shine for up to a year Use on car paintwork, glass, rubber, lights, trim & chrome

No.1 Super Gloss Size ValueNo.1 Super Gloss Size Value

CarPlan No.1 Super SystemCarPlan No.1 Super System

No.1 Super Gloss number of applicationsNo.1 Super Gloss number of applications

How No.1 Super Gloss Works

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Untreated Surfaces

Dull untreated paintwork holds dirt in imperfections on the surface.

Simple Spray Application

No.1 Super Gloss is easy to apply with the spray applicator and one bottle can give up to 9 applications.

Protective Barrier is Formed

No.1 Super Gloss forms a protective barrier against dirt filling minor imperfections to leave a smooth feeling surface.

Dirt is Easily Removed

Dirt is unable to stick to the smooth surface and is easily removed by surface washing only.

CarPlan No.1 Super GlossCarPlan No.1 Super Gloss

How Easy is No.1 Super Gloss to Use?

Directions for use:

Wash your car in the normal way, you’re ready to shine! Once your vehicle is clean, simply spray on CarPlan No.1 Super Gloss sparingly and wipe with a clean microfibre cloth (approx. 2-3 squirts per panel). Wipe away any excess product to leave a high gloss shine. It’s that easy! Using excess product will have a detrimental effect to the performance.

Note: Work on one panel at a time. Do not use in hot conditions or direct sunlight. Store in an upright position and secure when transported. Not recommended for use on windscreens.

No hard rubbing or polishing
Easy to apply ONLY takes 10 minutes
Locks in the shine for upto a year
Use on paintwork, rubber, lights, trim, chrome & glass

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