Mer MASFW1 Deep Gloss Finishing Wax 1L

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MER Auto Shine TechnologieMER Auto Shine Technologie

MER Autoshine Technologie Range

MER is for car owners who takes great personal pride in their car, and want high quality premium products to keep it in pristine condition inside and out.

Germany’s unrivalled reputation for automotive engineering history and heritage and MER’s meticulous focus on keeping cars in pristine condition combine to create ‘Auto Shine Technologie’, which stands for simple, efficient and effective advanced car care protection.

MER’s ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ approach means a carefully designed and formulated range of just 3, simple to use and high performing products deliver everything you need for optimum cleaning, polished shine and protective wax finishing.


Understanding the importance of a perfect finish.

Franz Billich was passionate about American classic cars but frustrated he couldn’t find the perfect polish, so he set up a company to create his own, packaged in the now iconic ‘brick’ shaped bottle still used to this day. The rest you might say, is history.

Each of the products in the new range are still based on that original formula, but with continuous improvement always ensuring the most advanced product performance.

Exterior Clean & Protection with MER Autoshine Technologies

MER ShampooMER Shampoo

MER PolishMER Polish

MER Finishing WaxMER Finishing Wax

MER High Shine Shampoo

The advanced foaming action formulation of MER High Shine Shampoo uses MER’s Auto Shine Technologie to give a deep clean by effectively lifting dirt and traffic film from the surface to leave a glossy, streak-free and highly water repellent shine.

MER Ultimate Shine Polish

MER Ultimate Shine Polish cleans, shines and protects, with MER’s Auto Shine Technologie conditioning agents nourishing and restoring dull paintwork, removing micro-scratches and swirls. It’s also the final step in preparing paintwork for Wax application.

MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax

MER Deep Gloss Finishing Wax is an advanced performance polymer wax with MER’s Auto Shine Technologie to combine an effortless ultra fast application with a silky, deep gloss finish – providing up to four months of water resistant protection to keep your paintwork in excellent condition.

Part No.

500ml 1L 500ml 1L 500ml 1L

Advanced performance polymer wax with MER’s ‘Auto Shine Technologie’
Designed to combine an effortless ultra fast application with a silky, deep gloss finish
Locking in a durable protective coating, Mer Finishing Wax is water resistant and repels common contaminants
Keeps your paintwork in excellent condition

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