HG Car Windscreen Cleaner, for Streak Free Shine, Professional Formula Cleans Screens, Windows, Mirrors & Interior or Exterior Glass/Clear Plastic Surfaces – 500ml (231050106)

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Thanks to the HG car cleaning products, the interior and exterior will soon be spotless again! We not only offer an upholstery cleaner and dashboard sprays to clean the interior but also specific cleaning products for the exterior, including a special car wax shampoo, a chrome polish, or a powerful cleaner for your wheels. We can always provide you with the right product for any car cleaning task!




HG car windscreen cleaner

HG car windscreen cleaner makes the windscreens shiny clean without streaks and ensures clear visibility on a daily basis.

It isn’t just more beautiful to have clean windscreens, it’s a lot safer too.

HG car windscreen cleaner makes sure that windscreens clean easily.

HG windscreen de-icer

HG car windscreen de-icer removes snow and ice from windscreens easily, quickly and effectively. The de-icer spray is not harmful to the rubber, chrome or paintwork of your car. With HG car windscreen de-icer you de-ice frozen windscreens in no time!

HG car insect remover

HG insect remover soaks caked-on and dried-out insects from your car and they come off easily.

It goes without saying that this insect remover for cars is safe for the entire bodywork.

With HG insect remover you deal quickly and easily with insects on your windscreen or the bonnet. The car looks like new again!




How to Use HG car windscreen cleaner

To clean the windscreens, spray some window cleaner on the windscreen.Rub with a dry and soft cloth or dry with a squeegee.The windscreen is clean again!

How to Use HG windscreen de-icer

First, remove thick layers of snow with a brush.Then spray HG car windscreen de-icer evenly onto the frosted windscreens and leave the de-icer spray to work for a few seconds until the snow has disappeared and the ice melted.We recommend spraying the windscreen wipers too.Make sure the windscreen wipers have defrosted before you start using them. This prevents damage to the blades.

How to Use HG car insect remover

Spray the surface that requires treatment liberally with HG insect remover and leave it to work for a few minutes. Wash the car, or another vehicle, in the usual way with a car wash shampoo. The insect remover for cars is also suitable for use as pre-treatment for the car wash.

Problem Area:
Dirty cars Dirt, soot and other deposits Stubborn brake fluid, dirt, grease and lubricants Unclean windscreens Caked-on and dried-out insects Snow and ice on frozen windscreens

Suitable For:
Car bodywork For cars with a shiny dashboard look Car wheel rims Car windscreen Cars, motorbikes/mopeds, and helmets Car windscreen

Concentrated Liquid Spray Spray Spray Spray Spray

Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of reach of children.

Sizes Available:
1000 ml 400 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml 500 ml

HG Does what it promisesHG Does what it promises

Specialist since 1969

HG have been producing specialist cleaning products for household maintenance and repair for over 50 years. All of our products are extensively tested to ensure that you receive quality cleaning products that get the job done.

For inside & outside: Gives streak free shine in a matter of moments. Great for tough marks, stains & deposits – from bird poo to grit residue – as well as for regular maintenance & washing
Suitable for all vehicles: Can be used on glass or plastic windows on cars, vans, motorbikes, caravans, camper vans & boats, as well as greenhouses & windows at home
Fully biodegradable formula: Eco friendly windscreen cleaner is kinder to people & the environment. Conveniently removes dust & nicotine stains on the inside, or dirt on the outside
500ml spray: Apply inside or outside the vehicle. Rub with a dry, soft cloth or use a squeegee. The result is a clean, shiny windscreen with no streaks!

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