Grounding Mat for Bed, Desk, Floor, Grounding Mat for Sleeping Better with A Storage Bag, Grounding Pad for Pain Relieve with a 16.4 Feet Grounding Cord (13.1in * 23.7in)

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HETESER devotes oneself to improve people health by various grounding mats and grounding sheets.

Premium quality and unique design.



Grounding is so beneficial to human health, you will own better body and better spirits.

More calm, more relaxed and more relieved.



Not only human but also animals need to be grounded, they also enjoy grounding.

Good idea to gift to your friends and families.

Grounding Mat & Sheets


Nobody can live without connection to The Earth, people and nature is inseparable, but it is hard to barefoot on the land regularly.

Grounding can help us achieve touching the earth everyday and everywhere.

DIfferent sizes grounding mat with 16.4 feet grounding cord satisfy needs of kinds of places and distances.

B: Grounding Means A Lot To Us⭐Grounding mat helps us connect to The Earth for her abundant energy to improve our physical health. Reduce our stress and improve our mood which is to improve our physical health from the mental health. Importantly, grounding has been shown having sleep improvement. improve circulation and reduce inflammation to enhance athletic performance, Grounding mat is a healthier and safer way to improve physical fitness without taking anything.
C: Carry Everywhere With Storage Bag⭐Every grounding mat comes with a 16.4 feet grounding cord, this could meet different distance. Leather surface is very easy to clean, no matter dust or liquid. Coming with a storage bag for organizing. Working in office on desk or under feet; At home when reading/ watching/ resting; when cooking in kitchen or doing yoga on it. The back is non-slip good quality polyester, this can help you keep grounded well.
D: Grounding/A New Lifestyle⭐The impact of grounding to human body is almost comprehensive. Using grounding mats does not require you to learn, also no time and effort input. Especially help you get grounded in cold weather. You can easily achieve grounding while sitting, lying, sleeping or working. Many experiments have shown that when grounded, people’s physiological functions will stabilize, inflammation, pain, and stress will all be reduced, sleep will be better, and people will be happier.
E: Instruction Of Using⭐Directly display the grounding pad, and the grounding cord is inside. Snap the grounding cord to the mat and connect another end of the cord to your electrical outlet. This will successfully transfer the negative charge of The Earth to the conductive leather through the conductive ground wire. Please don’t worry, The grounding mat and the grounding cord are all within safe range of conduction. Make sure connection is right. Then you can enjoy grounding benefits indoor.

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