Grounding Mat,Foot pad/ Computer Mouse Mat,Reduce Pain, Reconnect to The Earth EMF Recovery,39×11.7 inches Fits for Better Working

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When we use the computer, we exposes to EMF and radiation, excessive amounts of which can do harm to our health .
Fret not, this can now be avoided by Earthing Mouse pad !
Earthing Mouse pad is made from natural rubber embedded with conductive carbon particles.,can release static electricity in 0.1 second,create an Earth-to-Body connection. Studies show Earthing Improves the quality of sleep, Reduces Inflammation and pain, and is a natural Anti-oxidant. Tap into the Earth’s natural healing energy to align the body with Nature. This item comes with a 1-meter connection cable,easy to assemble and use indoors, can be used anywhere with grounded electrical outlets.
According to emerging research, earthing may be beneficial in:
Reducing inflammation
Reducing chronic pain
Improving sleep
Lowering stress and promoting calmness by reducing stress hormones.
Normalizing biological rhythms including circadian rhythm
Normalizing blood pressure and blood flow
Relieving muscle tension
Improving menstrual and female hormone symptoms
Reducing jet lag
Shortening recovery time from injury or athletic activity

【TOUCH THE EARTH】We are all in a fast-paced life and never have enough time to walk barefoot through the park or down at the beach.In other words,we have no chance touses the earth’s natural energy to improve health. But now you have a chance to enjoy this grounding mat in the comfort of your home!
【ENJOY GROUNDING ANYWHERE】The thickness of 4MM makes negative electrical from earth very accessible . Either you use your computer in office or sleep at home that you can enjoy the benefits of this grounding pad! Just plug the snap-on cord into the ground socket of a wall electrical outlet ,the negative electrical charge from the earth will flow through the cord and onto the conductive leather surface of the grounded mat.
【IMPRESSIVE TOP QUALITY】The grounding mouse/foot pad is made of high quality PU leather. Duty rubber base prevents it from sliding while using it. The earth mat measures 39”x11.7” ,very soft, easy to fold and do not wrinkle,comes with a 15 foot grounding wire to connect to an electrical outlet. Please note, the package only includes a 11.7in * 39in grounding mat and a 15 feet grounding wire.
【GOOD CHOICE AS GIFT】This grounding mouse/foot mat is really a good choice as a gift to our families and friends. It could help them with a better sleep and healthier body. Besides, please contact us at the first time if you have any doubt with the item, best service always for you.

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