GoFirst Dog Car Seat for Small Dogs or Cats, Pet Booster Seat Travel Car Bed with Storage Pocket and Clip-On Safety Leash, Waterproof Warm Plush Dog Car Safety Seats,Grey

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Product Description

About us

Gofirst is committed to providing pets with the most comfortable sleeping experience, so that pets are full of vitality every day!We understand that the material of the product will have a serious impact on the sleep experience, so our material is an innovative material, soft, comfortable, durable and easy to clean.

Why do you need a dog car seat!

Allow pets to enjoy a supremely comfortable sleep experience during a long journey.It can not only protect the safety of pets, but also prevent pets from running around in the car.Prevent the car seat from being scratched or broken by pets.

Why choose gofirst dog car seat!

Plush dog car seat soft and comfortable, plush material that fits the skin, can make the dog sleep more peacefully and comfortably.Bilateral pillow design can provide support for pets while resting and protect joints.Pet car seat is equipped with a safety belt, which can protect the safety of the pet during the journey and prevent the pet from running around in the car.Pet booster seat is bottom of the Oxford cloth can not only be slip resistant, but also waterproof (bottom only).It can be used in winter and summer, and the whole can be machine-washed, no longer worry about cleaning (low temperature drying is recommended).Pet travel safety car seat suitable for most car seats, front and rear seats are suitable, so there is no need to worry about whether it fits your car seat.


External dimensions: 21.7x 21.7 x 9.8.Suitable for puppies under 16 kg and 35 pounds, such as Pomeranian, Dachshund, Miniature Poodle, Pug and Welsh Corgi Pembroke, or kittens, other small and medium-sized pets.

Installation steps

After opening the vacuum package, tap it gently and leave it for 2-3 hours to restore its normal shape.Install the buckle on the top of the car seat and adjust the length according to your needs.Install another buckle on the back of the car seat and adjust the length as needed.


Since the dog car seat is vacuum-packed, when you open the package, gently tap the pet car seat and leave it for 2-3 hours to restore its normal fullness and comfort.When the dog car seat is dirty, don’t worry, the dog car seat can be machine washed. It is recommended to dry at low temperature to prevent deformation.

Let us act together to enjoy the supreme luxury sleep for our pets!

Gofirst brand is worthy of your trust and your friends!

[Comfortable material] pet car seat is made of waterproof and high-strength Oxford fiber, there are storage bags on both sides to store dog supplies. It is filled with soft and comfortable PP fiber to bring your dog a comfortable journey during driving.
[Safety measures] Adjustable seat belts and seat belts can well fix the pet seat in the car to prevent the dog from moving. The non-slip bottom of the rubber dots increases the safety factor during the journey and brings you and your pet a safe and happy journey.
[Applications] Dog car seat can be used in any vehicle. It can be installed in the co-driver or the rear seat according to personal preference. Installation and disassemble are very simple and convenient.
[Receiving advice] Since our dog seat is vacuum-packed, recommended that you leave it for a period of time after unpacking the package, it will recover slowly during this period, please wait patiently.


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