GES Car Cleaning Kit with Storage Bag, 14PCS Exterior and Interior Car Washing Products, Foldable Bucket, Short Handle Wheel Brush, Microfiber Wash Mitt, Drying Towel and Car Clay Bar (Blue)

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The cleaning products are suitable for car exterior and interior and dead spots or large space cleaning because of the professional design and appropriate match.

No matter whether in your car, truck, SUV or even at home, this set is a favorable and thoughtful helper during cleaning.

Otherwise, this package can also be a good gift for people who need to do some cleaning.




Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible for space saving when not in useA perfect water container during your cleaning workNot only can be used in car washing but also fishing and camping

Microfiber Towel

Chenille material is very absorbent, soft with a durable polymesh to help remove stubborn tree sap, insects, bugs and bird droppings.In addition, Washing mitt design is conivent to clean without falling off.

Wheel Brush

Wheel brushes are great for cleaning the area between spokes, spacer gaps and the inside of the wheel.Non-slip design lets you grab the handle during cleaning




Stone Remove Hook

Double-edged hook design easily removes stones or sand stuck in the wheel.Detachable connector The upper part can be detached for spare, preventing it from hurting your hands.

Detail Brush

Detail brush Made of boar hair mixed with synthetic fiber, it’s soft, gentle and flexiable. And it is enough for subtle cleaning such as vent cleaning, air conditioner, starter, hand brake and so on.In addition it equipped with handle hole for handy hanging.No metal parts, when you cleaning the wheel,it is no chance of scratching wheels.

Double Edge Vent Brush

A double ended brush for car air conditioner or air outlet, one end to clean the starter or handbrake.2-in-1 tool, no need to switch tools frequently.


Car Washing Kit Package Included :

1* Storage Bag

1* Collapsible bucket

1* Rim brush

1* Tire Wheel Brush

1* Detail Brush

1* Double edge vent brush

1* Microfiber duster

1* Microfiber Towel

3* Drying cloth

1* Car Clay Bar

1* Car gel Cleaning Gel

1* Stone Remove Hook

Double-ended Ventilation Brush: The air con brush has 2 heads for different purpose and is detachable. The brush side provides light dust cleaning, and the shutter cleaning side is beneficial for cleaning sticky dirt and gunk easily.
Car Cleaning Gel: The car gel grabs every particle of dirt, grime and dust out of areas ya can’t reach like the gear shift or across the dash board, windshield, panels, even could use on your computer key board, silverware drawer, patio window, ride, bike, picks up lint and doesn’t look dirty.
Easy to Clean&Carry: The high-density rim brush for deep cleaning inside the wheel rim; Composite coral fleece towel and microfiber towels can drying the exterior and interior quickly and efficiently with no scratches, In addition the bucket is collapsible for storage and the cleaning set is equipped with a bag which is large enough to collect all the stuff for taking to anywhere.
Car Wash Mitt & Dash Duster: Car wash mitt absorbs 7 times its weight in water utilizing one side of microfiber chenille and one side of coral. With an elastic wrist strap, the glove fits easily on the hand. The 30cm microfiber car duster features an easy-grip handle and soft cloth, perfect for cleaning the interior and exterior of your car.

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