Dr Zigs Eco Giant Bubble Kit – My Loads Set – Makes Lots of Bubbles, Sustainable Wands and Professional Grade Solution, Fun Garden Toy.

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Product Description

Children playing with Giant Bubbles, Dr Zigs logoChildren playing with Giant Bubbles, Dr Zigs logo

My loads of bubbles kit, children making bubblesMy loads of bubbles kit, children making bubbles It is Easy to Make Loads of Bubbles! Dr Zigs Eco Giant Bubble Kit – My Loads Set

Our My Loads of Bubbles Kit lets you make many huge Bubbles all at once! This kit comes with 100ml of 10x concentrate mix (makes 1L of ready-to-go mix), 25cm wands made from FSC-approved wood, and a multi-loop rope, to make lots of Bubbles all at once.

Anyone can make Giant Bubbles!

Dr Zigs Giant Bubble Kits are fun for all ages – children, teenagers and adults! We recommend that young children have adult supervision when making Bubbles, but our kits are suitable for anyone over the age of 3. Although anyone can use our wands, we have kits with different lengths of wands, more suited to different age ranges.

Short 13cm wands for young children.25cm wands for children.40cm wands and 53cm for older children and adults.

How to make Giant Bubbles

Using our kits to make Giant Bubbles is simple:

Pour your bubble mix into a container, and add water to dilute if using a concentrate mix.Dip in the rope, then lift up and let excess mix drip into the container.Lift the wands high up and apart, and let the wind blow Giant Bubbles (you can walk slowly if there is no wind).

Perfect for Parties

Great for Birthdays, parties, celebrations, events inside or out. There are so many games that you can play with our Bubbles:

Try catching bubbles (use wet hands to stop them from popping), and bounce them around!See who can pop the most bubbles.Who can make the biggest Bubble?

child blowing giant bubble The Best Giant Bubbles in the World

Make huge Bubbles with Dr Zigs’ Giant Bubble MixSuitable for all ages 3+Outdoor and Indoor playYear-round activities giant bubbles over a sunflower field Planet-Friendly Toys

All of our kits are free from single-use plasticsSustainably-sourced, FSC approved wood used for our wandsOur Bubble Mix is 100% vegan, phosphate-free and breaks down naturally child making giant bubble Proudly Made in North Wales

Our Bubble Kits are manufactured in North WalesCertified Made in Britain memberUKCA Approved world record image

Celebration bubble displayCelebration bubble display Bubbles not Balloons

Our Giant Bubbles make a great planet-friendly alternative to releasing balloons for weddings, celebrations and memorials, reducing pollution.

Giant bubbleGiant bubble Kidult fun!

Our Giant Bubbles are not just for kids, and can be enjoyed by all ages – there is no upper limit on having fun!

bubble fireworkbubble firework Firework Bubbles

Do you want to celebrate special occasions with a beautiful display? Replace fireworks with night time bubbles for an planet-friendly alternative!

bubble at sunrisebubble at sunrise Bubble Mindfulness

Bubbly play can be a great stress-reliever, and help you to connect with nature – try taking bubbles out early in the morning as the sun rises.

dog on beach with bubblesdog on beach with bubbles Bubbles for Dogs

Dr Zigs Bubbles are also great fun for our canine friends! Dogs and puppies can have great fun chasing these bubbles in the garden, or out at the beach! Great exercise and stimulation, and a bonding activity for pets and owners.

cat with bubbles in gardencat with bubbles in garden Bubbles for Cats

Cats can also have great fun chasing Dr Zigs’ Bubbles! Help kittens learn dexterity as they grow, for indoor cats or play in the garden. Give cats a healthy outlet for their energy, climbing and jumping to pop bubbles.

Who can use Dr Zigs Giant Bubbles?

Our Bubbles are suitable for anyone over the age of 3, and can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

How easy is it to use Dr Zigs’ Giant Bubbles?

Our Giant Bubble Kits are super easy to use – simply pour your mix (appropriately diluted) into a container. Dip in the rope of your bubble wand, lift up and let excess mix drip off, then hold the wands apart, high up, and let the wind make Bubbles.

Is Dr Zigs’ Bubble Mix safe for animals?

Our Bubble Mix is 100% vegan and safe to use for everyone.

How long will my Bubble Mix last?

One 100ml Bottle of 10x concentrate mix (equivalent to 1L Ready-to-go Mix) is enough to makes thousands of Giant Bubbles. Minimise spillage to get the most out of your mix, and keep sealed to use again later.

Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes! You can find us all over the world, including Amazon EU, US and Australia.

Storms of bubbles: Make hundreds of medium sized bubbles with the multi loop bubble wand which children and animals love to chase!
Eco-friendly: These solutions are 100% child and pet safe, fully non-toxic, green, vegan, biodegradable and the bottles are 100% recycled plastic.
Award winner: Dr Zigs products have been known to make world record breaking bubbles! The secret formula is crafted with care and the wands are made with quality sustainably sourced wood.
Made in the UK: All the packs and mixtures are handcrafted in the UK, supporting local and national companies by using sustainable, organic materials wherever possible.


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