Dr. Buteyko Lecture at Moscow State University in 1969: Buteyko Method, Book 1

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This lecture took place in the largest auditorium of the Moscow State University (named after M. V. Lomonosov). This special event was organized for the staff of the university. It was likely the classified nature of Buteyko’s research during the 1960s (for first Soviet spaceship missions or Soviet Cosmos) and exclusiveness of his discoveries that predetermined the organization of this lecture.

Hence, it was definitely a very large and significant event for the scientific staff of the Moscow State University, the most famous and prestigious university of the USSR. Try to imagine: the leading scientists, professors, academicians, and directors of numerous institutes of the most famous Soviet university are gathered together to hear news about space program discoveries that have benefited medicine. The lecture does not describe Buteyko breathing exercises (or Buteyko reduced or shallow breathing). However, it focuses in great detail on healthy lifestyle factors and lifestyle risk factors, as well as situational details of work of Dr. Buteyko and his medical colleagues with the severely sick patients, as one can see from the content of this book. The book quotes the term “yoga” more than 20 times.

In order to have a better understanding of what Dr. Buteyko said during this lecture, the audiobook includes numerous comments and explanations provided by Dr. Artour Rakhimov. These comments include clinical studies that support Dr. Buteyko’s ideas.

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