Car Plastic Restorer,Nano Plastic Refreshing Back To Black Car Plastic Revitalizing Coating Agent,Plastic Parts Refurbish Agent,Black Plastic Restorer for Car,Car Refurbishment Cleaning Agent

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Product name: Plastic Revitalizing Coating Agent

1.Car interior and exterior renovation, Long-lasting and effective.
2.Nano-plated products can be quickly plated and protected, efficient and durable.
3.Functional upgrade, anti-aging, black and bright as new, not greasy.
4.Fast effect, long service life, non-greasy, no damage to the car, easy to operate.

How to Use:
1.Clean up the sundries and dust around the applicable area.
2.apply the product, using circular motion wipe with sponge or rag.
3. Wait for it to dry and then wipe with a rag.

Package Includes:
1 pcs * 30ml Plastic Parts Crystal Coating 
1 Pcs * Sponge
【Protect Your Automotive Plastic Parts】Our formula will never harm, damage or dry your rubber, trim, plastic, or any paint it may come in contact with! Safe to use on all colors of plastic and rubber!
【Easy to Clean】One wipe is new! Put a few drops on the included applicator and wipe off the trim or plastic. Super easy to clean. Blackening your car trim again not only restores the gloss and shine to the plastics and wheels, but also restores them to their original luster.
【Multipurpose】Perfect for dashboard, seat, steering wheel, armrest, convertible roof window, interior or exterior wheels, bumpers, etc. Create brilliance and flawless shine, lasting shine, and transform your car’s exterior and interior for a whole new look.
【Long-term Maintenance】 It can be used for a long time after cleaning once, and it can be repaired automatically, saving a lot of maintenance costs. It is recommended to use it regularly for better results.

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